PCM Solutions


My laptop had a lot of viruses which I could not take out.i searched laptop and computer repair on yell and I found the shop PCM.i took the that took to them and they had fixed it within three hours.

by: Zayd Kadri   |   a week ago

My son had a hp laptop and it had virus and slow on it. I came to PC and mobile solutions and they upgrade windows 10. It is working fine. GREAT SERVICE.

by: Munawar Hussain  |   in the last week

My iPhone 5s Screen broke and i took it to Pc and Mobile Solutions and they fixed it in 20 minutes . excellent customer service and fast repair. I Would definitely go back and use their service.

by: mahendra odedra   |   2 weeks ago

New to Watford we have a Computer Laptop Repair Store who specialise in removing virus and upgrades on Windows 10, also data backup. They have a great selection of accessories for mobile phones. Found the staff to be very knowledgeable and professional.

by: Martin Holmes   |   in the last week

Good Customer Service . Very helpful. I had virus in my Laptop and within three hours my laptop was fixed. would recommend.

by: M JK   |   a month ago

Excellent Service, Great Customer Service, turn around time very quick I had problem with my graphics card and got repaired next day. Fully Recommended!! :)

by: bhaumit patel   |   in the last week

Excellent service and communication. Fully explained the options for my broken laptop and were able to fix it at the best price from other offers I had. Laptop now working perfectly. Recommend wholeheartedly.

by: David Ridsdale   |   a week ago

I have a habit of dropping my phone, and Revive was brilliant at fixing it quickly and they were really reasonable - I can now read my texts again! Good Service and great value

by: Barry Butt   |   a month ago

I had Toshiba Laptop and It was very slow i took it to PC AND MOBILE SOLUTIONS and they upgrade the windows 10 and now its very fast. Fast and good services.

by: Yusuf Kapadia   |   3 weeks ago

i bought i mac its was excellent condition good price .

by: mohamed rifkan nowfan osman   |   a week ago