PCM Solutions

refund policy

Our refund policy with the rule “If issues resolved”, the fees for the Service not refundable”,  at its sole power and on a case by case basis, may agree to make refund of Plan fees after deducting optimal charges for servicing the Customer.
 There is a 30 days money back promise from the day service was taken.

 If the problem pops up again we will try to re-fix the issue first without charging any extra amount and if in case we are unable to resolve the issue, depending on the situation, partial or full amount will be refund.

The refund of amount can take 7-10 working days to show as credited in the customer’s account through which payment was made. The problem for which refund request is made either has to be the same or linked to the main issue as mentioned in the confirmation email or the agreement signed by the customer. For example if there was printer related issue and customer is making refund request for laptop related issues, will not consider as a related case and in that case no refund request will be entertained.